5 must visit galleries in Oxford

Oxford is a city rich in cultural capital, from academic excellence to literary festivals and leading theatre productions, so it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that Oxford is also a city with an abundance of art galleries.

There is an astonishing selection of galleries in and around the city, from huge collections in city museums to smaller establishments exhibiting the finest artistic talent on the national and international stages. Here are 5 must visit galleries in Oxford for you to enjoy during your stay.

1. Ashmolean Museum

No visit to Oxford would be complete without a visit to the Ashmolean. This is one of the nation’s finest art and historical museums. Home to an awe-inspiring collection of art, sculpture, jewellery and more from around the world you could easily spend the whole day at the Ashmolean. Browse the impressive collection of Rembrandt’s work, marvel at the drawings and sketch work by the finest Western artists of the classical period or soak up the wonders of the Eastern art collection that contains masterful paintings, sculpture, textiles and ceramics.

2. The Bate Collection

This is a little left field but if you don’t think that some of the hundreds of instruments housed in the Bate Collection are works of art, then you certainly will after a visit. The collection houses the finest instruments made by the greatest British and European makers. During the academic year you can also enjoy recitals by local musicians which highlight the many wonderful and unique instruments in the Bate Collection.

3. Modern Art Oxford

First opened in 1965, Modern Art Oxford celebrates the best in modern and contemporary art, so if you’re a fan of the bleeding edge then this is a must visit gallery. Alongside the award-winning paintings you’ll also get to enjoy installations that exploit the power of images, video and sound to create some of the most arresting and thought-provoking modern art.

4. The O3 Gallery

This gallery was opened by The Queen in 2006, and since then has rapidly established itself as one of the premier art galleries in Oxford. You’ll get to see work from local artists, as well as ceramics and jewellery from local artisans.  

5. Sarah Wiseman Gallery

This contemporary art gallery, situated in the northern end of Oxford, is home to some stunning contemporary art. Opened in 1998 the gallery champions local and national artists. Alongside its impressive roster of artists it plays host to a variety of exhibitions and projects by other artists in association with other organisations. 

Make sure to visit these 5 must visit galleries in Oxford. From the old masters to the bright young things of the modern art world, Oxford has art for art’s sake, and yours too.

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