Go Green on Your Event at Four Pillars Hotels

Companies concerned about the effect of their carbon footprint when it comes to hosting events and conferences need no longer worry about compromising their CSR principles.  Four Pillars Hotels has devised a solution for clients to offset their delegates’ additional travel and energy use, through a partnership with OxTreeGen (who offer sustainable woodlands in the UK) to mitigate the effect of an event’s carbon footprint, by calculating what it would take to make the event carbon neutral and then planting the requisite number of trees.

green meeting

Organisations keen to ensure they uphold their CSR policies throughout all areas of the business and reduce energy use wherever possible can just log onto www.meetingsfouryou.co.uk and use the online calculator tool to determine how many trees they would need to plant to offset their own event or meeting.  The results are produced in an easy to read spreadsheet format and the request can be submitted electronically to Four Pillars, who will organise the planting of the trees and prepare a certificate for your company in advance, simply adding the final cost to your invoice.

This initiative follows the news that all six of the Four Pillars Hotels have been awarded the Silver rating under the Green Tourism Business Scheme, which our CEO Charles Holmes describes as “a tremendous accolade and a great credit to the teams involved.  Responsible tourism is an important part of what we do and we will continue to work towards improving our ratings as we move forward”.

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