New iPad Streaming Technology for Presentations at Events

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Bluestorm Solutions & Tablet Rentals Ltd to offer iPad streaming software for events, conferences, and summits. They are able to provide FULL 360 solution to our costumers, including the software, full setup, support onsite and even the actual iPads, as they rent iPads for the event through Tablet Rentals Ltd.

The iPad streaming software works by giving each delegates at your event an iPad while you hold your presentation. While you go through your different slides, those following the presentation will get the same images on their iPad screens and even more so, it gives new possibilities of interacting with those listening throughout your presentations.

Some of the features of the iPad streaming technology include the possibility of:

Streaming the presentation to an unlimited amount of iPads

LIVE ability to submit comments and questions on individual iPads throughout the presentation that can be viewed after

LIVE iPad voting in polls that can be added into the presentation

LIVE voting results submitted within the presentation

Ability to save voting results, questions, comments and other interaction captured from the audience

Branded iPads with corporate or event logo

The iPads will be set up, configured, and delivered ready-to-use to your event on the day, and this exclusive new iPad technology for events will give your audience a new innovative way to interact with your presentation like never before!

So what are you waiting for? If you have a presentation coming up at your next event, conference, meeting, or any other place you can see this great new iPad streaming technology work, just contact 0203 551 9997 / 0207 749 7242.

Plus, hire iPads from Bluestorm Solutions as part of your event at a Four Pillars Hotel and get a 10% discount. Quote Four Pillars 2012 when booking.

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