Romantic things to do in Bristol

Bristol is one of the UK’s most vibrant cities. A national media and creative hub and home to two leading universities it’s a city that is steeped in a heady mix of history and youthful energy. You might not think of it as a natural choice for a romantic getaway, but you’d be wrong. Thanks to its ties to the great Romantic poets Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey, Bristol is a city with a great deal of romance at its heart. After you have booked into your luxury hotel near Bristol, here are three great romantic for you and your partner to do.

Visit The Bristol City Museum And Art GalleryImage courtesy of Adrian Pingstone

They say that a perfect location for a date is a museum or art gallery. The quiet calm of the venue and the multitude of interesting items make conversation easy, allowing you to explore and understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery is home to a huge and varied collection, from ancient Chinese glasswork and Japanese ceramics to Egyptian mummies, Roman artefacts and an enormous variety of paintings from masters like Renoir and Pissarro.

Stroll Around Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower

Image courtesy of Linda Bailey

If you want to spend some quality time together in a peaceful setting then go for a romantic walk at Brandon Hill. This is the city’s oldest park, and is also home to a small nature reserve. As you enjoy a languid stroll keep an eye out for various species of butterflies and other wildlife. Go hand in hand along the beautiful paths of the woodland walk and make your way up Cabot Tower. When you reach the top enjoy the sweeping view of the city and soak up the tranquillity of this green oasis in the urban sprawl.

A Romantic Meal For Two At The Glassboat RestaurantImage courtesy of Alexandru Atudosie

Hopefully your walk around Brandon Hill has left you feeling hungry and ready to sit down to some good food. As the sun is slipping down to the horizon book in for a sumptuous meal at The Glassboat. Floating on the harbour in the centre of Bristol, this converted barge offers stunning views of the river and city for you to take in before enjoying some of the fine foods and wine on offer. With dishes such as fresh crab an pan roast quail on offer you’ll find many epicurean delights to feast on. A candlelit dinner for two with the soft glow of the city lights behind you and a glass of champagne in hand makes this the perfect end to your romantic day.

So if you’re thinking of a romantic city break for two Bristol should be at the top of your list. It’s full of hidden gems for you to savour with a loved one.

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