Things to do in Bristol in the rain

Face it: the summer’s gone. It’s now October so there’ll be no Indian Summer on its way. Instead we can look forward to shorter days, longer nights, plunging temperatures and our dear friend: the rain.

But come on now, we’re British. We know how to make the most of a day out even if it’s raining. Otherwise we’d hardly ever go out. There are plenty of things to do in Bristol in the rain from the sedate to the adrenaline-fuelled. Here are some suggestions.

Get MovingImage courtesy of Robert Cutts

Don’t let the rain stop you from pursuing some energetic activities. Why not pay a visit to the Bristol Climbing Centre and start scaling the heights. This centre is built in the 15th century Church of St. Werburghs and offers some incredible challenges for even experienced climbers. If you’re a novice you can have a taster session led by an experienced tutor, or if you’re an experienced climber you can grab a harness and get going.

If you’d prefer some sporting fun that doesn’t leave you aching and sweating then The Lanes is for you. This ten pin bowling venue offers bowling and a whole lot more. There’s a pizzeria and bar on site and even a karaoke room.

Hit The ShopsImage courtesy of Jim’s Camera Obscura

Bristol is a shopper’s paradise and if the rain is hammering down then you can satiate your itchy wallet by visiting Cabot Circus. Right in the middle of the city, within easy reach of the train and bus station, Cabot Circus is a covered shopping mall that has every kind of shop you can imagine. From Apple and American Apparell to Topman and Zara, you can buy pretty much anything you want all under one roof.

There is also a huge selection of restaurants at Cabot Circus so you can take a break for lunch. And once you’ve emptied your wallet and filled your shopping bags you can catch a film in the luxurious Showcase Cinema De Lux which has reclining leather seats to make it a whole day out. Or should that be in?

Go ApeImage courtesy of Steve Lacey

No visit to Bristol is complete without a visit to Bristol Zoo. Although a lot of the zoo is outside there are nine animal houses that are indoors, so there’s plenty to see without braving the elements.

The aquarium is home to more than 70 species of fish including clownfish and puffer fish. You can watch them in wonderful exhibits that mimic their natural environment and learn all about these incredible creatures.

One of the zoo’s best indoor exhibits is Twilight World. This fascinating installation takes you through replicas of deserts, forests and even subterranean caves to see nocturnal animals. Using light, temperature and humidity Twilight World accurately creates the natural habitat of animals from the sloth to common mice and rats to show you the dark side of nature.

A trip to Bristol doesn’t need to be hampered by the rain. There are plenty of things to do that won’t require you to get drenched through, making it the perfect place for an autumn getaway.

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