Things to do in Oxford for free

Oxford is a pretty pricey place. It has some of the highest property prices in the UK, and renting is expensive too. Like most places that command a premium on the housing market, recreation and leisure time can quickly turn expensive on a day out. However you don’t need to break the bank if you’re visiting Oxford. Here is a great selection of things to do in Oxford for free.

Go For A Walk

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Oxford is a city bursting with beautiful architecture and a stroll around the city is a great way to pass the time. The terrain is nice and flat so you can enjoy the sights without getting out of breath. Be sure to visit famous landmarks like the Bridge of Sighs, the Castle Prison and the Saxon Tower. Because Oxford is such a beautiful city it’s frequently been a filming location for film and TV. It can be great fun to try and pick out locations from Harry Potter, The Golden Compass and Inspector Morse among others.

Visit The Pitt Rivers Museum

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There’s no shortage of museums to visit in Oxford, and most of them have an association with the university. The Pitt Rivers Museum curates all the university’s archaeological and anthropological collections. Entry is free and you’ll see some truly amazing sites from England and around the globe. From samurai armour and swords to magical talismans from the Pacific and a huge collection of artefacts from every corner of the globe, this is a stunning collection. It’s quite easy to spend the entire day here soaking up the history.

Go To Radcliffe Square

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This is probably the most visually iconic part of Oxford. With its cobbles and iron railings and surrounded by historic university buildings, such as the gorgeous Radcliffe Camera, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a Victorian costume drama. There are no modern buildings in sight, making this a regular filming spot, and it lets you immerse yourself in the Oxford atmosphere.

See The University

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Unlike more modern universities, Oxford doesn’t have a central campus. Instead it is comprised of numerous colleges, each with their own buildings, all dotted across the city. The colleges tend to allow public access to several of their buildings such as chapels and libraries. There is a great many to choose from but Exeter College, one of the smallest colleges, is certainly a standout as is Christ Church, one of the largest and also the site of Oxford’s cathedral.

Although Oxford has a lot of expensive delights to offer, there are also some fantastic experiences to be had for free. Next time you visit make sure to check these off your list and see what else you can find for free in this wonderful city.

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