Fair Tips Charter

Fair Tips Charter

As an employer in the Hospitality Industry, we pledge;

1. No charge or deduction is made for managing the tips received or for the administration of paying them out.

2. No charge or deduction is made to cover bank charges, credit card commissions or any other expenses we incur in relation to the banking and distribution of tips.

3. The individual properties staff consultative committee decide on the frequency of when the tips are paid out.

4. All tips are shared equally between the team.

5. All employees are paid at least the minimum wage before receiving tips which are paid in addition to this.

6. We do not charge employees or deduct monies from the tips for uniforms, breakages, mis pours, wrong orders till shortages and customer walk outs.

7. The tips received at each individual property are shared between that property only.
There is no group pool of tips.

8. Our central support office staff take no share of any tips from any property.

9. All tips are paid out in accordance with the law in England and Wales with regards to taxation and national insurance.

Charles Holmes
Chief Executive

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