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Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

Did you know the average hotel stay results in carbon emissions of 29.53kg of Co2?

So how can you help?

By offsetting your stay with us by planting a tree locally in Oxfordshire or Gloucestershire

When you stay with us, for just £9.99 you can offset the carbon footprint. You will have a tree planted on your behalf within the UK that will offset approximately 1 tonne of carbon emissions in its lifetime. You will receive a certificate with your tree details.

So breathe a little easier when staying with us by knowing that you have planted a tree that will have a positive impact for generations to come.

Full details are available from our hotel receptions

Reduce your carbon footprint
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All trees are planted via OxTreeGen. OxTreeGen was founded with the aim to promote achievable ways of reducing the Co2 footprint of both individuals and corporates. OxTreeGen are committed to increasing awareness of climate change and encouraging everyone to make a difference right now - today. OxTreeGen create, nurture and protect new woodlands and habitats that are created. Our purpose is to create sustainable environments, that will be here for generations to come that continues to offset carbon, slow down climate change and ultimately help the planet breathe.

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